Lair of the Vermin Lord

The party first meets at the Four Sheaves in Dalsetter looking for work. They are tasked with traveling to Dunross to collect a shipment of flour.

On their way to Dunross they are attacked by Orcs. They also stop to rest at a travel tower. The travel tower was a grisly scene. Abandoned flour wagon outside and the bones of some unfortunate travelers.

Upon arriving at Dunross they find it is overrun with rats. They learn that one merchant had an amazing stroke of luck. He had pulled out all of his flour just before the plague of rats began. As they load the flour onto their cart a huge tide of rats attacks the city. They manage to fight their way out. After leaving the town is set afire as it cannot be saved from the seemingly endless rat infestation.


F.Y.I. Vermin Lords are creepy and gross. I’m pretty sure they cannot be swayed by offers of cheese.

Lair of the Vermin Lord

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